Christiana Vardakou Brand Team

The Christiana Vardakou brand has grown! I'm so happy to introduce to you the rest of the team. Two wonderful human beings have joined me! Maria is our in-house pattern cutter and seamstress, working part-time from Monday to Wednesday. Matilda is our assistant designer and maker, and she works part-time for the brand too.

Matilda, Assistant Designer and Maker 

Matilda studied costume design at Wimbledon College of Arts. She explored various textile techniques and fell in love with fabrics. Although she's a creative Matilda is very organised and helps with all things admin. She is Christiana's right hand helping her with natural dyeing, fabric sourcing, batiking etc. She loves naturally dyeing using indigo and her favourite techniques at the moment are bundle dyeing because of the unknown but always beautiful outcomes, and batik because she finds the process of it meditative. 

Maria, Head Seamstress and Pattern Cutter

Maria studied Fashion Design at Kingston university. This is where she developed her sewing and pattern cutting skills and where she explored her own design style. She has experience in pattern cutting and construction of bridal and streetwear. In her creative process she enjoys draping and cutting on the stand. Following the ideology of zero waste, Maria focuses on each piece of fabric individually and decides what to turn it into. This summer we are launching a full summer loungewear collection and Maria is really excited to create the patterns of these pieces. Maria is also in charge of all your custom pieces and sizing needs. 

Christiana, Head Designer and Founder

Christiana is the founder of this brand. She studied textile design at Chelsea College of Art in London whilst working in a knitting shop. After graduating she travelled around South East Asia for four months in order to learn more about traditional textile techniques like weaving and natural dyeing.
She moved back to Athens two years ago and started this brand. She could never choose a technique to focus on because she loved them all so much. Now, that she runs her own brand she weaves, embroiders, naturally dyes, screen-prints, draws and paints in order to create digital prints as well as design and run this business. 

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