Workshops in Collaboration with The Ethnological Museum of Thrace (2021)

In collaboration with the Ethnological Museum of Thrace, Christiana travelled to the North of Greece to teach natural dyeing workshops. Mrs Aggeliki Giannakidou invited Christiana to Thrace, in order to teach women from different villages the art of natural dyeing. Mrs Giannakidou is trying to utilise the natural wealth of the area and to remind the people of Thrace to look back in order to look forward, taking into consideration the cultural heritage of the area. Hoping to rediscover the traditional techniques of natural dyeing through the new needs and conditions of the market, which seek out products from natural materials and traditional techniques. 

Christiana visited Soufli, Peplos, Sofiko and Ptelea and taught women from all ages how to naturally dye with acorns, madder roots, marigolds and onion skins. 

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