Naturally Dyed Costumes for 'Traces' by Lida Doumouliaka (2022)

'Inspired by the West African culture-a culture really close to the elements of nature, the choreographic piece “Traces”, displays on stage a journey from the struggle of life to death. The dancers/ passers-by, develop different relationships and emotions between them such as love, courage, contradictions and support. By the end of the piece they face the loss of a loved person who closes the choreography by improvising a very emotional body monologue accompanied by a touching African singing voice. The choreography leaves a bittersweet aftertaste in the end, giving courage to continue living despite the difficulties as well as hope for reunion with our loved ones.“Traces”: the engraved marks of those who left.


The elements of the piece are selected with a respectful and meaningful way.The emotional music composition contradicts the dynamic qualities of the movement while the costumes correspond to the stages of life in a vertical manner: Beginning with a white top that symbolises birth, the colour gradually fades into the dark brown of the pants connected to the earthen floor of the stage.' - Lida Doumouliaka



We naturally dyed the costumes for the choreography using cutch dye and the ombre technique. 

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