Providing natural dyes for a performance by VIGIL at the PCAI Exhibition

Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative (PCAI) and the Fidelity Art Collection inaugurated their new group exhibition in Delphi, Greece with works from their respective collections. "Keeping Time" is an exhibition which functions as a reflection on time and materiality embedding the environmental concerns of both collections. 

The opening of the exhibition begun with a performance by VIGIL (Despina Sanida-Krezia and Foteini Stamatelopoulou) called "A border of dying". 

For this collaboration we provided the dancers with research about natural dyeing, and we also created the dye vats of grey dye (acorn cupules) and purple dye (logwood bark) for their performance piece. 


A performance by VIGIL at the PCAI "Keeping Time" Exhibition in Delphi, Greece.

Στιγμιότυπα από την performance Process of Dying των VIGIL στο πλαίσιο της έκθεσης Keeping Time του PCAI στους Δελφούς, ©PCAI

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