Prolonging (2018)

The concept behind this project is the notion of ‘Prolonging’. As such, I have been looking back in order to move forward, combining traditional and modern techniques, but also my own past and present. The work is about memories and their metamorphoses. It stresses the importance of literal prolonging, through slow processes, while adding a personal element to it. The textiles are inspired by nature and landscapes, reflecting and prolonging my own experiences in natural landscapes through recreating memories. They capture my belief in the ‘Slow Movement’, by articulating the importance of traditional techniques as well as Emotionally Durable Design, a theory that explores the idea of creating a deeper, more sustainable bond between people and material things. 

Prolonging (2018)

My work is both process and research based. My imagery, mood and colour sources draw on Greek and Icelandic landscapes for inspiration. Photography, drawing and painting play a significant role in how my imagery develops. I work with natural dyes and combine both traditional and contemporary techniques including screen-printing, batik and digital printing. Most of these are slow and/or sustainable processes, which do not harm the environment and go against the rushed pace of everyday modern life. Each textile is handmade and unique, making it easier for clients to form a lasting relationship with it, which links with Jonathan Chapman’s idea of Emotionally Durable Design. 

The textiles created are versatile. They can be worn on the body, become a curtain or a table runner, or simply be hung from a wall like a fine art piece. The organic materials; silk, cotton, bamboo, linen and organza are naturally dyed from kitchen waste, foraging or bought online from ethical websites. These textiles are intended for people who care about the environment, and are not made to be disposable.

Prolonging (2018)


When I think of home, 

I think of the sea... 

Icelandic Highlands

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