Weird and Wonderful (2017)

For the “Weird and Wonderful" project I looked into the ‘Alice in Wonderland Syndrome’. For me the syndrome can be ‘wonderful’ because it can be life-enhancing, and there is a beauty in strange. However, it can also be ‘weird’ for the people that experience it since they are disorientated and can be in a state of confusion and faced with illusions.

Weird and Wonderful (2017)

To express the body image distortions, I did blind life drawings (without looking at the paper) of feet, trying to not have control of the finished drawings. This resulted in alteration of body parts. 

For this project I produced a collection of fashion fabrics to be shown in Premiere Vision in Paris. I was designing for Spring/Summer 2018.

The backgrounds of the designs are photos and photo-collages from 'liquid light shows' that I created.


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